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Heura Marçal

With degrees in Biology and French Philology, she works as a linguistic advisor and translator in Language Services of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), as well as being an editor, corrector, and French translator for several publishing houses and cultural entities. She is co-author of Guia per a l’ús no sexista del llenguatge a la UAB (Guide for a No-Sexist use of Language at the UAB) and is co-founder of the project I visqueren felices which, in 2014 gave rise to the volume I visqueren felices. Relats de lesbianes, raretes i desviades. (And They Lived Happily: Stories of Lesbians, Weird and Gone Astray). As president of the Maria-Mercè Marçal Foundation, she is director of the collection Quaderns and organises a range of activities around Maria-Mercè Marçal and her poetry and, notably, the show Dones drac, poesia en l’espai (Dragon Women, Poetry in Space) and the Marçal Workshops, which are held every two years. Moreover, she is co-founder and member of the feminist theatre company Lisístrates, and also a member of the Ardit Ensemble, a choir specialising in the works of Hildegard of Bingen.

Update: 7 October 2019