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The Art of Storytelling

Words, in all their sorts and formats, are an essential part of CCCB programming. As a tribute to the Sant Jordi festivities, we’re dedicating this section to the art of writing, reading and telling stories. Here is a small selection of some of the authors who have talked to us about how they write their stories, the creative process, how they weave that invisible thread of emotion that binds their stories to those of the readers or listeners. 

Jeanette Winterson

Conversation with Bel Olid

On the occasion of the publication of her new book Frankissstein, the English writer Jeanette Winterson, who is considered to be one of the most original voices in the Anglo-Saxon literary scene, talks about who we are and how we love each other, but also about where we’re going. ...

Vivian Gornick

Conversation with Anna Guitart

New York writer Vivian Gornick, one of the world’s most distinguished and respected women writers and feminists, talks about the creative process and feminism. Gornick has written several books, including the two memoirs, Fierce Attachments and The Odd Woman and the City. ...

Karl Ove Knausgård

A conversation with Antonio Lozano

Conversation with the Norwegian writer, author of My Struggle, about his literary work. Karl Ove Knausgård (Oslo, 1968) made his publishing debut in 1998 with Ute av verden (Out of the World), a novel highly acclaimed by critics and readers that earned ...

Eva Baltasar, Marta Orriols, Tina Vallès and Laura Pinyol

First Successful Novels

The writers Eva Baltasar (Permafrost, 2018), Marta Orriols (Aprendre a parlar amb les plantes [Learning to talk to plants], 2018), Tina Vallès (La memòria de l’arbre [The memory of the tree], 2017) and Laura Pinyol (El risc més gran [The greatest risk], 2018) talk about th...

Enric Casasses

They’re Knocking at the Window

Enric Casasses ponders the possibilities held out by poetry for looking at reality in a particular way. Casasses, poet, rhapsode, playwright, and translator, has cultivated the word in every possible domain. With such a multifaceted creator, words cease to be merely an instrument of communication ...

Raise your hands, these dirty hands

Recital of works by poets from the 1970s and now

From the 1970s through to the present day, poetry and feminism have been interlaced in awakening consciousness, slapping down indifferent and conformist thought, demolishing any attempt at learned justificiation. In this poetry recital, l curated by Sònia Moll and Heura Marçal, th...

Spud Crazy

Martí Sales & nomdenoia

A text playing on the history of the potato, on the frontier between essay and fiction, tensing the format of a text, to think about literature and other knowledges without floodgates.

The Unkempt Kitchen

Irene Solà

A reflection on the process of writing that follows the trail of a finished novel, where the kitchen signifies both a place and a metaphor for creation.

The writer’s image

Soy cámara online

This episode takes a look at certain aspects that surround the image of the writer.

Juan Antonio Bayona and Àngel Sala

Tales of High Fantasy

The characters and creatures created as part of the grand tradition of fantasy literature have offered a constant source of inspiration for the great filmmakers who have tackled this genre. J. A. Bayona, currently one of the most relevant names in fantasy film, speaks with Àngel Sala, ...