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2022 Moments at the CCCB

In 2022, we discovered the legacy of psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles in raising awareness of mental health, explored our brain and the multiple intelligences on the planet, delved deeper into today’s problems through the voices of artists, scientists, writers and filmmakers. We’ve continued to build a network with our neighbours in the Raval and learned that young people, more than cultured audiences, are driving the creativity and inspiration behind everything we do and yet to be done.

Lucrecia Martel i Carla Simón

Stop to Observe, Love the World

Filmmakers and screenwriters Lucrecia Martel and Carla Simón talk with film critic Violeta Kovacsics about how cinema creates new ways of seeing and new spaces of encounter.

Svetlana Alexievich

The Voices of Europe

Svetlana Alexievich speaks about the future we can imagine for Europe from a perspective forged in the east of the continent and permeated by the polyphonic chorus of witnesses who have populated her long career as a journalist and writer.

Masha Gessen and Carolin Emcke

New Fascisms

The journalist Masha Gessen and the philosopher Carolin Emcke will speak about the need to construct new imaginaries for the future in a present context marked by the war in Ukraine and the spread of hate speech and various forms of authoritarianism.


Fina Birulés, Lorena Fuster and Lur Olaizola

It’s the name of the current moment and the adjective that applies to what appears in the here and now. But it is also a gift, an offering. In this inhospitable period, the present is, perhaps more than ever, the time suspended between a now and a later, between our grief for the past ...

A morning with Marina Garcés

The time of promises

In this exercise in collective imagination the philosopher Marina Garcés invites young people in our city to delete the questions of fear and make the future a time for promises. 

Unmasking “The Mask Never Lies”

Jordi Costa

In this “Inside the Exhibition”, we wanted to remove the mask from our exhibition project and focus on some aspects, themes and details that visitors will not find while walking through the physical space of the exhibition.

Maria Alekhina and Manel Alías

The masked protest

What role does anonymity play in a context of authoritarianism and surveillance? Russian activist Maria Alekhina talk with journalist Manel Alías about the subversive power of the mask and the transformative capacity of art. This conversation took place before the Russian invasion of ...

A Tosquelles Glossary

Carles Guerra | Joana Masó | Oriol Malet

This “Inside the exhibition” section invites you to discover the fascinating personality of Francesc Tosquelles and his transformative practice through ten key concepts.

Joana Masó: Who was Francesc Tosquelles?

Joana Masó,  literary critic and co-curator of the «Francesc Tosquelles» exhibition, explains who was Tosquelles, a psychiatrist who revolutionized the medical practices of his time and passed on an innovative and surprising cultural legacy that is unknown to most. 

Amélie Nothomb and Sergi Pàmies

The thirst for writing

Amélie Nothomb talks with the writer Sergi Pàmies, who has translated all of her books into Spanish, about her graphomania - she writes at least four hours a day - and about the origin of her stories, which have made her one of the great authors of French literature.

Each Layer of the Atmosphere | 1. Who Wants to be Born Human?

Podcast by Maria Arnal and José Luis de Vicente

On the difficulty of letting go of our feelings and only seeing the world through human eyes, and the rich rewards of experiencing the planet as a member of a multispecies society. With anthropologist Yayo Herrero, Santa Maria del Pi church archivist Jordi Sacases and beekeeper Èric ...

Alternative Brains

Ricard Solé

Ricard Solé, an expert in Complex Systems and co-curator of the exhibition "Brain(s)", suggests six possibilities of alternative brains that we don’t find in reality and invites us to see how science might explain why they are not a part of the real world. 

Bivac. Encounter under the Elements

We are young and we feel that we are living under the elements, vulnerable navigators in an ocean of uncertainties. Five pairs of artists and thinkers, coming from diverse contexts and positions, reflect in short conversations on the present and its possible futures.