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À. Lorena Fuster

À. Lorena Fuster teaches feminist theory and philosophy at the Universitat de Barcelona, where she wrote her PhD thesis on the concept of political imagination in Hannah Arendt’s thought. Her research and publications explore subjects that link contemporary philosophy with the history of culture, including imagination and imaginaries, recognition, transmission and vulnerability, and draw heavily on the ideas of thinkers such as Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil, Iris Murdoch, Ágnes Heller, Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler.

She is a researcher at the Seminari Filosofia i Gènere, of the ADHUC (Research Centre for Theory, Gender, Sexuality), and of the Consolidated Research Group Creació i Pensament de les Dones, as well as the UNESCO Chair in Women, Development and Cultures. Under the umbrella of the GAPP Arendtian Group for Thought and Politics, she organises the Arendtian Springs international series of talks. Since 2020 she has codirected the Barcelona Pensa festival.

She has worked on a number of research projects in Spain and Europe and is currently lead researcher for the project El llegat oblidat de Clotilde Cerdà/Esmeralda Cervantes. Una presència internacional a l’avantguarda. In this framework she has coordinated the exhibition “Clotilde Cerdà / Esmeralda Cervantes, a Woman ahead of her Time” at Palau Robert.

Update: 29 November 2021



Fina Birulés, Lorena Fuster and Lur Olaizola

Has participated in

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Words inherited from Hannah Arendt

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with Marta Segarra, Lorena Fuster, Meri Torras, Begonya Saez, Marina Garcés and Joana Masó

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A conversation between Fina Birulés and Martine Leibovici

Flexo 4/6: Recognition: A Seminar by À. Lorena Fuster

From Hegel’s The Phenomenology of Spirit to Françoise Collin’s Praxi de la diferència sexual (Praxis of Sexual Difference)


Contemporary feminism and activism

A revolution with no model. Feminism and transformation

Lecture by Fina Birulés