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Mamen Moreu, Maribel Carod, Ana Belén Rivero and Irene Márquez

El Jueves it's no longer what it was

“The Friday Girl” was a magazine segment featuring images of nude women accompanied by captions of outdated humour that, during its first years ruling the newsstands, could be found in the pages of El Jueves, the longest-running humour magazine in Spain. Since a while back, the satirical publication began offering space to current movements and concerns—feminism, environmentalism, anti-fascism—without ever abandoning the side-splitting humour that is part of its DNA, and it has done so alongside female authors such as Mamen Moreu, Maribel Carod, Ana Belén Rivero and Irene Marquez. The four artists talk about the wildest pieces of graphic humour of their respective careers, in a round table discussion moderated by Sílvia Aymí, part of the GRAF festival’s organisational team and a bookseller who specialises in comics at the Finestres bookstore.

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9 April 2022