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Beyond comic strips

The rich universe of comics, graphic novels and illustration is on the programme at the CCCB, which has welcomed everything from acclaimed authors to young talent with a lot to say and draw.

Peter Bagge

The nightmare of the American dream

OK, so we weren’t in Seattle in the early 90s, but thanks to Peter Bagge (Peekskill, 1957) we learned that the hate there was very similar to the hate here. Few artists have managed to chronicle the disaffection, acne-covered-alienation, misanthropy, and indignation of youth like Bagge. ...

Emil Ferris and Ana Galvañ

For years, the US writer and cartoonist Emil Ferris worked as a freelance illustrator and toy designer. In 2001, at the age of 40, Ferris contracted West Nile Virus (a rare infection for which there is no vaccine) from a mosquito bite. Three weeks after going to hospital, she became paralysed ...

Tom Gauld

The book-lover's cartoonist

The Scottish cartoonist and illustrator, Tom Gauld, presents the book "Baking with Kafka". Gauld reveals the inner workings of his craft based on his cartoons about literature and books which gently send up established writers and the literary canon. He is a contributor to The Guardian, The ...

Marjane Satrapi

The artist paints a mural at the CCCB

The artist paints a mural at the CCCB. Marjane Satrapi, artist and author of the graphic novel “Persepolis”, drew this mural in the “West by East” exhibition in 2005. Artists and writers from Eastern countries gave their vision of the Western world.

Rocío Quillahuaman and Roberta Vázquez

Precarious lives, no filters

In the social networks, the number of followers doesn’t always match the number of zeros in your bank account. There is an entire generation that moves naturally in the social networks, the context in which they have found work, but there is a breach between their cultural and their economic ...

Mamen Moreu, Maribel Carod, Ana Belén Rivero and Irene Márquez

El Jueves it's no longer what it was

“The Friday Girl” was a magazine segment featuring images of nude women accompanied by captions of outdated humour that, during its first years ruling the newsstands, could be found in the pages of El Jueves, the longest-running humour magazine in Spain. Since a while ...

Gilbert Shelton

The author talks with his characters

Gilbert Shelton is a living comic-book legend and a leading author of the US underground comic with his friend Robert Crumb. The creator of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers has a hilarious but sympathetic look at the hippy movement in which he grew as a person and an a ...


Busting the phone booth in my hometown with rocks three times made me a cartoonist

Juan Manuel López, better known as Juarma in the underground comic scene—and now, in the literary scene as well— gave this (awe-inspiringly titled) talk on illuminations and darkness, public vandalism and the self-taught life.

Dave McKean

The blue tree

Dave McKean, creator of Arkham Asylum y Sandman, among many other comics, is one of the cult authors of the illustrated genre. In this talk, McKean traces a journey through his work in comics, art, music and film.

Zeina Abirached and Paco Roca

Fertile Hybridisations of Reality and Fiction

Following the presentations of their respective works, the authors converse about who in their projects they take as a starting point real experiences or situations to construct, based on them, universal tales and stories, through visual designs that grow and become complex along with the stories that they aim to narrate.

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is a creator of science fiction and fantastic stories that become novels, comics, films, and plays. His world is inhabited by eternal and terrible creatures or by children who exchange their father for two coloured fish. We spend an evening with this author of exceptional imagination ...

The Comics of Pier Paolo Pasolini

Breixo Harguindey

“I’m not one of those intellectuals who read comics,” wrote Pasolini just two years before the publication of Umberto Eco’s Apocalyptic and Integrated in 1965, which made comic strips culturally respectable around the world. In this sense, the Italian filmmaker was [...]

Paul Gravett

Infinite Canvases: Twenty-First Century Comics

Paul Gravett, one of the greatest experts in comics and graphic novel in the United Kingdom, reviews the history of the British comic paying special attention to its current situation.

Maria Manonelles, Montse Batalla and Laura Fernández


Two comic book artists who take mental illness (in the first person) as the theme of two new works: Maria Manonelles, with her comic Dormo molt (2018), and Montse Batalla, with Manicomio (2019). They talk with journalist and writer Laura Fernández.Mental ...

Drawn nonfiction: an overview

Jorge Carrión

Reflection is both a linguistic and an imagined process. We talk about illustrated essays, cartoon journalism, visual journalism, sketching, and visual thinking

Jordi Costa, Eloy Fernández Porta, Albert Fernández and Enric Cucurella

The X-Men: Beyond the comic

The collective book Hijos del átomo (Alpha Decay, 2015) offers eleven private glances about the most fascinating family of superheroes in Marvel Comics: The X-Men. In this session we chat with some of the authors who participate in the book, experts in comic and pop culture.

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The Graphic Novel and the World of Comic

Paul Gravett (comics critic), Dave McKean (illustrator), Karrie Fransman (comic book illustrator), Paul Rainey (comic book illustrator), among other authors, talk about graphic novel and the world of comic.