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Peter Bagge

The nightmare of the American dream

OK, so we weren’t in Seattle in the early 90s, but thanks to Peter Bagge (Peekskill, 1957) we learned that the hate there was very similar to the hate here. Few artists have managed to chronicle the disaffection, acne-covered-alienation, misanthropy, and indignation of youth like Bagge. The creator of independent comic classics including HateNeat Stuff and The Bradleys, biographies mashed through the sieve of the ninth art like Fire!! or Rebel Woman, or hyperventilated columns in comic strip format such as Everyone Is Stupid Except for Me, is part of an alternative pantheon that goes far beyond graphic storytelling in the strictest sense: Bagge has also illustrated record covers for bands like Girl Trouble, The Hellacopters and The Action Suits, the outfit in which the cartoonist lives a parallel life as a drummer. Long live Bagge, forever.

Participants: Peter Bagge

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12 May 2022