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Ana Belén Rivero

She has a piece of paper saying that she’s a graduate in Fine Arts and I don’t know what about a Master’s degree at a snobby design school in Barcelona. She does lots of things, including drawing, but only because the post of vedette in Spain’s Partido Popular was stolen from under her nose by Normal Duval. Now they are publishing cartoons of hers in El Jueves so that her hands are busy with something other than rescuing street cats. She has self-published two books because you have to die from something. One about her minge and showing off her education at a convent school, Somos pobres en euros pero ricos en pelos de Coño (2014), and another about capitalism and self-image, Mens sana in corpore… ¡ni tan mal! (2016).  She is promoter of #InternationalNicolasCageGIFday on Twitter which is held on 7 April, no less. She wants to take advantage of this space to ask you to remember her when you are making croquettes. HELP! Please send in your Tupperware boxes! 

Update: 12 February 2018


Has participated in

Subsol #2/2022

Chill Mafia + El Jueves it's no longer what it was + Saïm

Memefest 2018

The online digital folklore and humour festival