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Subsol 2022

Popular culture and subculture festival

The wish of the festival "Subsol" is to make room for projects that by definition are excluded from the parameters of serious, “highbrow” or academic culture: the marginalised, outsiders, subcultures, common culture and lowbrow art, from the underground to the popular, in the form of rare comic books, raw humour, urban music and proletarian/common literature.

The tension between the underground and the popular is considered one of the vital engines of the project: to search for coherence and points in common between what-nobody-knows-about-yet (because it’s still to transcend the barrio or the secret clique; because it’s still developing in real time; because we pulled it out from the catacombs to put it up on stage) and what-is-already-totally-popular (because it’s managed to transcend barrios, genres or stylistic affiliations, and has overcome divisions of age, class or place to, spoken in the vernacular, blow the f*ck up in a massive way). Ultimately, this is a festival that is defined as much by what it rejects as by what it embraces: "Subsol" is against museumification, staleness, nostalgia, elitism and classism, and is totally in favour of youth culture, of the outskirts and of escapism.

Directed by: Kiko Amat

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Peter Bagge

The nightmare of the American dream

OK, so we weren’t in Seattle in the early 90s, but thanks to Peter Bagge (Peekskill, 1957) we learned that the hate there was very similar to the hate here. Few artists have managed to chronicle the disaffection, acne-covered-alienation, misanthropy, and indignation of youth like Bagge. ...

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Bobby Gillespie

A kid from the tenements

Bobby Gillespie (Glasgow, 1961) is the lead singer, songwriter and founding member of Primal Scream, and one of the few sixty-one-year-old men who can wear leather pants with enviable poise and dignity. He has released eleven albums with his band, including Screamadelica (1991), ...

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Peter Bagge + Bobby Gillespie + Baya Baye

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