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Cities and the Anthropocene, a Mediterranean Perspective

The climate emergency, growing inequalities, atmospheric degradation and other factors like tourism and migration are severely testing urban life. In this seminar, organized by the British Academy and the CCCB, twenty experts in urban studies share ideas and strategies for designing effective public policies that will make it possible to deal with the tensions arising from the Anthropocene and, at the same time, to transform cities in order to make them liveable and sustainable.

Participants: Ash Amin, Isabelle Anguelovski, David Bravo, Teresa Caldeira, Judit Carrera, Julio D. Dávila, Nicholas Dines, Cynthia Echave, Suzanne Hall, Hans Ibelings, Giorgos Kallis, Michael Keith, Lila Leontidou, Francesc Muñoz, Carles Muro, Oriol Nel·lo, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Anna Puigjaner, Maria Sisternas, Flavio Tejada, Tatiana Thieme, Nigel Thrift

5 July 2019