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Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

Director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative at ISGlobal and coordinator of the CREAL (Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology) Air Pollution Programme. He is a graduate of the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) and obtained a PhD at the National Heart and Lung Institute, after which he completed post-doctoral studies at the University of California, Davis. He then spent some years working at the Imperial College of London before joining CREAL. An expert in assessing occupational and environmental exposure, epidemiology and evaluation of health risks, he has worked on a number of epidemiological studies in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and the United States. Among other projects, he heads the international study TAPAS, which inquires into the health repercussions of active transport in six European cities, and also leads PHENOTYPE, a study which examines the relations between green space and health. He is co-director of ESCAPE, where his research is concerned with the long-term effects for human health as a result of exposure to polluted air in Europe. He has been awarded the John Goldsmith 2018 Prize.

Update: 25 June 2019


Has participated in

Urban Planet: Mobility in Cities of the Future

Lecture by John Urry