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Tatiana Thieme

Urban ethnographer and lecturer in Human Geography at University College of London (UCL). Her research is situated at the nexus of entrepreneurial and makeshift urbanism, engaging with individuals and communities often cut off from institutional support in precarious urban environments across the global North and global South (at risk youth, slum dwellers, ex-offenders and refugees). She has developed her academic career at Cornell University, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Cambridge University. She has participated in projects in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa aiming to improve access to health, nutrition and energy, and to palliate urban poverty. She has published widely in the field of human geography, and her recent publication, “The hustle economy: informality, uncertainty and the geographies of getting by” (2018) received the prize for best paper of the year by an early career scholar for the journal Progress in Human Geography.

Update: 21 June 2019


Has participated in

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