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A roundup of everything

El Mundo Today

The leading news outlet in Europe, El Mundo Today, sums up all existing culture. You won’t need to learn anything new ever again: all the knowledge accumulated by humanity, from prehistoric times to the present day, will be summarised in this barely 25-minute talk. Whoever attends this one will abandon their ignorance forever and master everything they need to know to become a complete human being: history, science, art, politics… The most complete review ever carried out of human knowledge. El Mundo Today, founded in 2009, is a guiding light for satirical humour in Spain. In addition to radio and TV collaborations, they’ve published books including Historia, el libroConstitución Española (edición mejorada) y El horóscopo. Tu futuro de ayer, hoy y mañana

Participants: El Mundo Today, Kike García

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3 March 2022