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Bobby Gillespie

A kid from the tenements

Bobby Gillespie (Glasgow, 1961) is the lead singer, songwriter and founding member of Primal Scream, and one of the few sixty-one-year-old men who can wear leather pants with enviable poise and dignity. He has released eleven albums with his band, including Screamadelica (1991), which included some of the most enduring anthems of British rave-rock, such as “Loaded” or “Higher Than the Sun”. Gillespie also played drums with The Jesus and Mary Chain in their legendary Psychocandy (1985) era. Gillespie, the “Oliver Twist of rock” (as Courtney Love called him) and bearer of the most perfect fringe of the 80s, visits Subsol to present his celebrated biography Tenement Kid (published in Spain by Contra this year): a “punk fairytale” full of class struggle, blinding garments, raucous records and rock and roll mayhem, from his proletarian childhood in Glasgow to the orgiastic summer of 1991.

Participants: Bobby Gillespie

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12 May 2022