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Emotional punk from Majorca

Their name sounds like ‘lard’ in Catalan, but Saïm are everything but unctuous. They’re a power trio from Felanitx/Manacor (Mallorca) who sing in Catalan and draw their influences from the world of Dischord/Washington DC and Touch & Go: deep, melodic and emotional punk rock. To "Subsol"’s ears they sound like Samiam and Seam and Jawbreaker, but others might point to Superchunk or Jawbox or Burning Airlines. And yet Saïm aren’t a tribute band. Over the course of three albums (the most recent of them, Fràgil, from 2021, is loaded with future pop hits such as “La mar gran” or “Autumne”) they’ve constructed their own sound, lyrics and rhythms, full of fierce choruses and songs of redemption and (melancholy) survival. Joan Roig (guitar, vocals) and siblings Natàlia (bass) and Daniel Gómez (drums) are only three people, but it seems like there are many more of them up on stage: Saïm are fierce and noisy.

Participants: Saïm

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9 April 2022