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Laida Lertxundi. «Footnotes to a House of Love» by Carlos Balbuena

June 2021

Carlos Balbuena, director and film critic, presents Footnotes to a House of Love by Laida Lertxundi. Renouncing a conventional narrative and working on the idea of love as a structural element, the filmmaker composes a series of shots in a California desert landscape in which there is a play between on frame and off frame, sound and image.

Footnotes to a House of Love, Laida Lertxundi, United States, 2007, 16 mm, 13 min

This film was available during the month of June 2021. Digital copy courtesy of LUX.

Special thanks to the Catalan Association of Film Criticism and Writing (ACCEC). Xcèntric Focus header clip fragment courtesy of Laida Lertxundi (Farce Sensationelle, 2009).

Participants: Carlos Balbuena

Authors: Laida Lertxundi

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27 May 2021