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BCNmp7. Pop can also be read

Scene + Music


BCNmp7 aims to highlight the musical specificity that exists in Barcelona, without forgetting the increasingly intense communicating arteries between cities, regions and global tendencies.


SESSION 5 • 2008

In spite of the transformation that is taking place in the music industry with the arrival of digitalization, in the end what is left is the music, the songs and what each person wants to do with them. Pop can also be read wants to highlight the specificity of the pop song, interpreting it another way.

The session is introduced by two 10-minute seminars, two approaches to pop songs given by Manolo Martínez (Astrud) and Eloy Fernández Porta, author of Afterpop. Afterwards, musicians, writers and poets such as Antonio Luque (Sr. Chinarro), Miguel Ángel Blanca (Manos de Topo), Fernando Márquez (Kaka de Luxe), Ramon Faura (Le Petit Ramón), Roger Mas, Julián Rodríguez, Félix Ramón,Ajo, José Antonio Bejarano (Pantanido) and Elena Medel among others, will recite their favourite lyrics in an event directed by the duo of reciters Ediciones Vinoamargo.


Kosmopolis 08 Countdown

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