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Touring activities

In favour of public space

Gallery Sala Dalles (Bucharest, Romania)

The exhibition "In Favor of Public Space. European Prize for Urban Public Space 2008", organized in Bucharest by Prof. Augustin Ioan and Viorica Buica (Igloo Media), was held at the Dalles Salla Gallery from 14 - 28 May 2009, in the framework of the 7th Architecture Symposium of Bucharest (Bucuresti Annual architecture), organized annually by the Architects Order of Romania which was devoted to the theme of public space. On 22 and 23 May, debates on public space were held in the Faculty of Architecture, organised by the Architects Order of Romania and the CCCB, with the participation of Catalan and Romanian architects and intellectuals.

Architecture Symposium of Bucharest (Anuala de Arhitectură Bucureşti)