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In favour of public space

La Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine (Paris, France)

The 2012 Prize exhibition continues its travels in Europe. The next stop is the Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine, co-organiser of the European Prize for Urban Public Space. The cité hosts the exhibition under the title “La ville tournée vers l’espace public. Prix européen de l’espace public urbain 2012” (The City Looks to Public Space: European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012).

The opening, where Judit Carrera, director of the Prize, is going to be present, is to be held on Monday 25 March and as a part of this event a panel discussion titled “La ville tournée ver l'espace public” (The City Turned towards Public Space).

The table will open the debate on public space with the intervention of various people related to the Prize. Francis Rambert, director of the Institut Français d’Architecture (French Institute of Architecture) and part of the Prize's Jury will be the moderator of the discussion in which will take part the autors of the Barcelona joint winner work Jordi Romero Sabi of “AAUP arquitectes” and Imma Jansana of “Jansana, Vila de Paauw, arquitectes” and the authors of the Ljubljana joint winner work Boris Podrecca and Breda Bizjak of “BB arhitekti”. The composition of the table seeks to underline the Nantes special mention work, an emblematic work in France that has been selected as a finalist of the current Prize edition. For this reason it is especially interesting to count with the participation of three people with different approaches to this work such as Krzysztof Wodiczko, artist and co-author of the and Patrick Rimbert, mayor of Nantes and the executive vice-president of Nantes Métropole (pending confirmation).

As attachments you will find the opening invitation, the press release and the exhibition's poster.

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