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Science Friction

Symbiotic Itineraries


A programme of walking tours through different urban and non-urban ecosystems led by artists, scientists and thinkers


How would the story about the diverse forms of life with which we live be told by an artist, a scientist or a thinker? How can we observe the networks of friction and, at the same time mutual dependence, that links us with other animals, humans and non-humans? Is it possible to map out that which is living?

Using these questions as a point of departure, the programme proposes a series of itineraries around the city of Barcelona as well as other territories in Catalonia based on the identification and observation of a life form, a relationship between species or an ecosystem in conflict. The common thread of the routes is a collaborative and interdisciplinary narrative by a person from one artistic sphere with one from another discipline, practice or knowledge base. These stories offer new cosmovisions, other ways to interpret our existence and the world, where the delimitations that we often establish between disciplines, between culture and nature, between that which is human and everything else are illustrated. Narratives in which science, art and knowledge interact and extend, all offering a complex and varied vision about the environment we live in and the problems it faces.


This project is part of S+T+ARTS - Repairing the Present. 

This activity is part of Science Friction

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