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Symbiotic Itineraries

Configuration of worlds

A narrated route between two exhibitions, with María Ptqk and Oscar Holloway


A narrated route between two exhibitions.

Maria Ptqk, curator of the exhibition Science Friction, and Òscar Holloway, , artist selected by Barcelona Producció open call with the project Otherly Seers, invite us to accompany them on a journey that highlights the dialogue between two artistic narratives and the spaces in which they are represented: the CCCB and La Capella.

This activity is organised in collaboration with La Capella linked to the exhibition Otherly Seers by Oscar Holloway.


This activity is part of S+T+ARTS - Repairing the Present.  

Participants: Maria Ptqk, Oscar Holloway

This activity is part of Science Friction, Symbiotic Itineraries

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