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Imatges, un domini públic / Imágenes, un dominio público

Soy Cámara, el programa del CCCB


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A digital publication about the CCCB’s programme Soy Cámara: "We’ve ended up bestowing the supremacy of reflection on words. We live in a logocentric culture [...] We maintain a textual interface with reality and even operate in the world of images through words. This is why the CCCB’s Soy Cámara programme is so enriching and necessary: in contrast to the idea that the essay is fundamentally a literary genre, it considers the need to think with images, to think images, and to think images with images. And it has done so by breaking with the traditional documentary format, which is linear and illustrative, to address approaches to contemporary visual culture, distancing itself from both doctrinal arrogance and subjective asepsis. Rather than showing what people think, Soy Cámara CCCB tries to think what is shown.” (Joan Fontcuberta)

Authors: Andrés Hispano, Fèlix Pérez-Hita, Ingrid Guardiola, Joan Fontcuberta, , Iván Gómez, Jorge Luis Marzo, Daniel Pitarch, Emilio Fonseca, Xiana do Teixeiro

Publication year: 2020

Pages: 172

Images in B/W and colour: 60


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