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Xiana do Teixeiro


(Lugo, 1982)

She has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a degree in Journalism from Southampton University, is a filmmaker. With Emilio Fonseca, she created the production company Walkie Talkie Films which specialises in documentary cinema d’auteur and experimental videos. As a team or separately, Do Teixeiro and Fonseca have reflected on the relationship between what is human and what is not, the idea of nature, and ecosocial conflicts in films like Queimar o Monte (2013), Sotobosque (2016), Somos Plaga (2017), and Soy Muro (2018). She also works in the area of the intimate story, identity, construction of gender, in which she has been widely recognised for her films Carretera de una sola dirección (2016) and Tódalas mulleres que coñezo (2018).

Update: 26 September 2020



Stefano Mancuso, Xiana do Teixeiro and Emilio Fonseca


Has participated in

A Vocabulary for the Future

Continuous screening