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NOW 2006

Meetings in the present continuos

NOW is a working platform that will take place at the CCCB from 2006 to 2009. The project reflects on the present on the basis of the scientific, technological, artistic, social and spiritual transformations taking place at the start of the 21st century — because today it is no longer possible to explain art and culture without interiorizing scientific concepts and working with a systemic view of the world.

NOW is a process of research, creation and diffusion bringing together different local and international agents involved in promoting a change of paradigm in the information and knowledge society and in globalized cultures. NOW is designed as a space for knowledge about the following thematic areas :

Open science: creation of a shared project and bridges of communication between science and the humanities

: how "cyber" technologies now affect every area of everyday life

Eco Factor: the need for a systemic, organic view of the planet to ensure its survival

Art Now: exploration of the present moment in art: what are the leading lines, the criteria of validation and the meaning of new practices?

Psi particle: an exploration of new spirituality that takes as its starting point the crisis of traditional religions

New activism: commitment and militancy, networking, new social involvement and global citizenship

Emerging culture: a critical analysis and resituation of alternative and independent culture in the face of accelerated socio-cultural transformation

NOW does not have a specific format, it challenges classic forms and suggests new ones, interrelating them in space and time. Loading and Downloading, Biblio Point, Containers of paradigms and the Electromagnetic Spectrum Installation are NOW's permanent spaces for consultation, meeting, dialogue and information.

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NOW. Transgression: Dissipation or Re-invention?

Dialogue with Otto E. Rössler, Hans H. Diebner and Amador Vega Esquerra

The spirit of transgression, which has marked the modern era and the artistic, social and cultural avant-garde, is now in decline since its actions and outcomes are being absorbed or ‘digested' by the capitalist system. This process is linked to the trends in ‘post-humanism', ...

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