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NOW 2006

Moist media

Roy Ascott


NOW seeks to offer a synthesis of today's principal debates about the latest generation technologies, accepting that we are already in a cybersphere undergoing a phase of expansion, in which the speed of change is the only constant, together with the ignorance, fascination or confusion of many citizens.


Roy Ascott, a pioneer in telematic art, will offer us a talk on this issues.

We are witnessing the convergence of the information technology (dry) of silicon with biological systems (moist) as the substratum of a new art. Morphogenetic fields of thought, flux and transformation, energy and light are the manifestations that inform a new sensibility for creating realities and exploring the world. Roy Ascott, a pioneer in telematic art, presents his vision of this new moist culture and the possibilities of a syncretic art that combines knowledge of nanotechnology, quantum computation, ethno-biology and pharmacology. Ascott also presents his project The Planetary Collegium, and foretells the victory of telenoia over paranoia.


Presenters: Josep Giribet

Participants: Roy Ascott

This activity is part of NOW. Abril 2006, NOW 2006

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