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NOW 2006


Presentation of the archives of a mínima:: magazine

Courses and workshops + Festivals

a mínima:: is a project intended to raise awareness of works by artists and researchers interested in involving science and technology in art and culture. Since 2003, it has built up a large archive of documents and has set up a network between various collaborators. The project takes the form of a printed publication issued every two months as a book.


Surfme is based on short itineraries along simple routes that will give the public access to a large number of the articles and works published in a mínima::. The public attending NOW will be able to consult the entire archive (the paper publication as well as on-line documentation) and to follow four short reading itineraries suggested by artists and theorists connected with the project.

Participants: a::mínima

This activity is part of NOW. November 2006, NOW 2006

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