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NOW. Transgression: Dissipation or Re-invention?

Dialogue with Otto E. Rössler, Hans H. Diebner and Amador Vega Esquerra

The spirit of transgression, which has marked the modern era and the artistic, social and cultural avant-garde, is now in decline since its actions and outcomes are being absorbed or ‘digested' by the capitalist system.

This process is linked to the trends in ‘post-humanism', which is profoundly influenced by the new technologies and the mass media. It is becoming ever more necessary to initiate a debate on the effects of the eclipse of the transgressive imaginary in culture, as well as on the spread in industrial countries of conformism and indifference to any form of engagement, be it political or ideological, social or cultural. Experts of recognised international standing in the various fields of knowledge and creation will discuss this controversial issue in dialogues between the participants that are also open to the public.

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23 November 2006