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Miquel Berga

Lecturer in English Literature at Pompeu Fabra University

He has published extensively on George Orwell and other Anglo-Saxon writers associated with the Spanish Civil War. He has written a prize-winning biography of John Langdon-Davies (1991) and curated such exhibitions as “Orwell: Viatge a una guerra” and “Centelles: Les vides d’un fotògraf, 1909-1985”. He has recently edited and translated into Catalan Nancy Johnstone’s autobiographical stories about the Spanish Civil War in the volume Un hotel a la costa. He is Chief Editor of the monthly Catalonia Today, a regular columnist for El PuntAvui, ex-president of APAC (Catalan Association of English Teachers), and vice-president of the Catalan PEN Centre. Miquel Berga is a Lecturer in English Literature at Pompeu Fabra University, where he is academic coordinator of the Master’s Degree programme "Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Thought".

Update: 27 April 2020



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