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Joana Moll

Artist and researcher

Joana Moll (Barcelona, 1982) is an artist and researcher living halfway between Berlin and Barcelona. Her work is a critical exploration of the way in which post-capitalist narratives affect the literacy of Machines, humans and ecosystems. Her main lines of research include the materiality of the Internet, surveillance, the analysis of social profiles and interfaces. She has presented, exhibited and published her work at different museums, art centres, universities, festivals and in publications all over the world such as such as Venice Biennale, MAXXI, MMOMA, CCCB, ZKM or the Ars Electronica. Her work has been featured on The Financial Times, Der Spiegel, National Geographic, Wired and Vice. Furthermore, she is co-founder of the research group Critical Interface Politics [], with its base at Hangar, and co-director of the Institute for the Advancement of Popular Automatisms []. The Dating Brokers featured on the CCCB in 2019, investigates the data-dealing business behind dating apps such as Tinder. She is currently a visiting guest lecturer at the University of Potsdam, at the Higher School of Art in Vic and Elisava.

Update: 17 December 2020


Ideas to resist

Víctor Recort, Berta Gómez Santo Tomás, Albert Lloreta, João França, Joana Moll, Tania Adam, Lucas Ramada Prieto, Toni Navarro, Míriam Hatibi

Android Love

With Libby Heaney, Joana Moll and Núria Gómez Gabriel

Has participated in

Inanimate Species

An installation by Joana Moll

Body and Pandemic: The Social Effects of Confinement

Celebration of the Night of Ideas

Kosmopolis 2019

10th Amplified Literature Fest

Internet Universe: the power of algorithms

Teacher training conference