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In symbiosis

The Legacy of Lynn Margulis

Conversation with Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ricard Guerrero and Carme Puche


In this conversation, the biochemist Margaret McFall-Ngai, a leading world expert in the field of symbiosis, Ricard Guerrero, academic director of the Academia Europaea-Barcelona Knowledge Hub and filmmaker Carme Puche they will discuss about the scientific legacy of Lynn Margulis.

Lynn Margulis (USA, 1938-2011) is one of the most interesting figures in evolutionary biology and microbiology. Her theory of endosymbiosis, which was formulated in 1967 but not recognised by the scientific community until many years later, revolutionised biology by presenting collaboration, rather than competition, as the driving force of evolution. Her work, with effects extending beyond biology, has influenced the imaginaries of several fields of knowledge, among them anthropology and philosophy, as well as becoming a benchmark in efforts to think critically about the planet’s ecological crisis.

Ten years after her death, what advances have been made in the study of symbiosis? What questions remain to be answered about the origin of life and the symbiotic relationships among organisms?

Margaret McFall-Ngai will participate online.

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