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Albert Lladó

Albert Lladó, editor of Revista de Letras, writes for the daily La Vanguardia and is author, inter alia, of the novel La travesía de las anguilas (The Crossing of the Eels, Galaxia Gutenberg, 2020), the essay La mirada lúcida (The Lucid Gaze, Anagrama, 2019), and the plays Ícaro (Icarus, Tantarantana, 2018), and La mancha (The Stain, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, 2015). He teaches in the postgraduate course Escrituras (Writing) in the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences and is a lecturer in Creative Writing at the Writing School at the Barcelona Athenaeum. He is also a member of the advisory team of the Teatre Lliure where, together with Marina Garcés, he coordinates the School of Thought.

Albert Lladó

Update: 11 March 2020


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