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Cartographies of invisible cities

Welcome to Barcelona

A walk with Albert Lladó


Where does the city begin and end? What is my relation to those “paths of desire” that are not marked on the map? How can we read the territory, as though it were a novel to be interpreted through its symbolism and its scars?

An urban route through Ciutat Meridiana, in Nou Barris, the main setting of the novel La travesía de las anguilas (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2020). The group will explore one of the urban centres least known to the people of Barcelona, despite the fact that, from the road, it is this district that announces where the city begins, where the neighbourhood struggles of the past, and today’s, have built a strong fabric of resistance to urban speculation.


Curator: Albert Lladó

Participants: Albert Lladó

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Cartographies of invisible cities

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