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Víctor Sala, Joan Burdeus and Sonia Fernández-Vidal

Why Are Scriptwriters Obsessed with Physics?

Is it a coincidence that Walter White’s alter ego in Breaking Bad is called Heisenberg? Can you write a happy ending after the Uncertainty Principle? Scriptwriters should not ignore science when writing, as some of the most passionate stories to be serialised for TV are those that have dug deep into quantum physics. When you get down to writing, even if it’s about the mafia, detectives or advertisers, physics changes everything. To help us in this task, the PhD physicist Sonia Fernández Vidal explains some of the theories of physics and quantum physics. Meanwhile, the philosopher Joan Burdeus and the TV critic Víctor Sala show how they are used by the scriptwriters of series such as The Sopranos, True Detective and Rick & Morty.

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23 March 2019