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Raquel Crisóstomo and Enric Ros

American Spleen: Mad Men and Women

Mathew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, doesn’t hide his desire to introduce us into the inner workings of the “American mind”. The series rewinds to a period of existential crossroads, where triumphalism coexisted with desperation, the American dream and the “metaphysical hangover”, the (capitalist) assault of the skies and the descent into hell. Talking about Mad Men means talking about film and literature, about the recent traumas in American history, the chiaroscuros of capitalism, the cultural history of alcohol, the patriarchal regime and feminism, among many other possibilities. During Kosmopolis 2015, Raquel Crisóstomo and Enric Ros analysed all these questions and told us about their experience as coordinators of the book that publisher Errata Naturae produced on the series.

Participants: Raquel Crisóstomo, Enric Ros

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22 March 2015