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Enric Ros

Enric Ros is a writer, cultural journalist and screenwriter. He teaches History of Cinema in the Communication Faculty of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC); Television Fiction and History of Cinema at the ECIB Film School, and film courses at Casa Elizalde, Casa Golferichs, La Sedeta and Fort Pienc. He has published the book It’s Not TV. Las series de ficción en la era de la Post-TV (2011) and coordinated a book about Mad Men, to be published by Errata Naturae in 2015. He is a member of the Scientific Board of the Communication and Media Research Center, where he contributed to the book Critical Reflections on Audience and Narrativity. New Connections, New Perspectives (Ibidem Verlag, 2014). He also writes librettos for the DVD editions of Los Imprescindibles and Cine Club (Notorious ediciones) and is a contributor to Què Fem? (La Vanguardia), Serielizados, Contrapicado, Cine Archivo, Espacio de cine and La Finestra Digital.

Update: 22 March 2015


Has participated in

American Spleen: Mad Men and Women

Raquel Crisóstomo and Enric Ros