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Kosmopolis 17. Women-Led Innovation

Round-table with: Lauren Romeo (Tekstum Solutions), Anna Ascolies (The Spanish Bookstage), Mireia Lite (Ara Llibres) and Maribel Riaza (Innovation in the book sector). Moderator: Joana Sánchez (Incipy)

Is the publishing environment a woman-friendly environment? We analyse whether projects and start-ups led by women offer added value or have a different focus to projects led by men. In general, the mission of male-led projects tends towards selling to a third party, scaling it, making it bigger as soon as possible, while projects led by women tend to create enterprise gradually in a realistic way. If women are the great readers of the world, why do they not usually occupy senior management positions? Why are the majority of books published by male authors?

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23 March 2017