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Anna Ascolies

Co-director of The Spanish Bookstage, a platform that reports on transactions copyright between agents and publishers.

Anna Ascolies (Barcelona, 1976) has training in translating and interpreting. She has worked in the field of author copyright for different Spanish publishers and has been a literary agent in Barcelona for five years. Since 2015, together with Martina Torrades, she has co-directed The Spanish Bookstage, the first platform that reports on author copyright transactions between agents and publishers in the Spanish language market.


Kosmopolis 17. Women-Led Innovation

Round-table with: Lauren Romeo (Tekstum Solutions), Anna Ascolies (The Spanish Bookstage), Mireia Lite (Ara Llibres) and Maribel Riaza (Innovation in the book sector). Moderator: Joana Sánchez (Incipy)

Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest