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Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest

At a time of such profound social, political, cultural and climate changes, Kosmopolis 2017 could not focus on any other subject than change. At this new edition, the festival for amplified literature understood that the new paradigm appearing before us requires a change of vision. For this reason, the main approaches took into account the female viewpoint and the view towards nature. The festival proposed eight themes that explore these (and other) questions from the sphere of literature.

In the K Dialogues, various authors talked about literary creation and narratives of the Anthropocene, the new Earth era that was initiated by the action of human beings. We also discovered the reality of climate change, although from a more scientific perspective, in The Literature of Change: science-fiction writers, philosophers and scientists tackling the dilemmas and mutations of global warming, as well as the future of artificial intelligence.

The defence of female visibility was the main theme in Female Constellations. With interventions by different women creators, value was attached to the viewpoint of women, necessary for a change in mindset able to overcome the problems of the Anthropocene. The change that we need in the new century also involves strengthening exchange and cooperation, to thus commit to inclusion. It is for this reason that in Networked Literature we have worked jointly with various institutions specialising in literature.

The predominance of the audiovisual means that we invoke it to talk about new forms of storytelling. The Alpha Chanel, a long-time regular at Kosmopolis, proposed a programme of feature films and shorts exploring the new narrative possibilities (such as that offered by virtual reality) and giving us a closer view of great writers. Images and books also crossed paths at Thinking in Strips, a space dedicated to graphic novels. Their authors tell stories in an illustrated way, with the ambition of a novel. However, it is not only the audiovisual that produces an effect in literature: digital innovation is also changing the publishing industry and the way of creating stories. At Bookcamp we tried to work out what the future of the book will be using foresight exercises.

Finally, Kosmopolis 2017 paid tribute to Robert Walser and his novel The Walk, as this year was the celebration of its publication centenary. In The Walk by Rober Walser we recall his updating of the figure of the flâneur, and take the opportunity to break down the boundaries between fiction and reality by proposing walks around the neighbourhoods of Barcelona.


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