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Lauren Romeo

Expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and scientific director of Tekstum Solutions.

Lauren Romeo (United States, 1987) holds a dual BA in Spanish Language and Literature and Communication Studies (Fordham University), a Master’s degree in Interactive Media and Cognitive Systems (UPF) and a PhD in Linguistic Communication and Multimedia Mediation (UPF) with specialisation in language engineering.

Since 2010, she has researched in the fields of National Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning. She is the author of various articles and talks about these issues in international forums. She has also participated in various projects, developing linguistic resources to process large volumes of data for semantic recognition, automatic classification and sentiment analysis.

She is currently Lead NLP Specialist heading the team at Tekstum Solutions, where she is leading the research and development of an innovative technology for the publishing sector that facilitates the discovery of new titles, better knowledge of the markets and a different buying experience.

Update: 1 April 2017


Kosmopolis 17. Women-Led Innovation

Round-table with: Lauren Romeo (Tekstum Solutions), Anna Ascolies (The Spanish Bookstage), Mireia Lite (Ara Llibres) and Maribel Riaza (Innovation in the book sector). Moderator: Joana Sánchez (Incipy)

Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest