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Subversive Motherhoods

Soy cámara online

This episode explores different models of motherhood and family, from the joy and pleasure of the body during gestation, birth and breastfeeding, to more radical feminist theories, to mothers’ regrets, today. The episode comprises interviews with participants in the debate “The family is dead. Long live the family”, including Maria Llopis, the artist and activist, who, with her book Maternidades Subversivas, voices the pleasure of motherhood and provides the title of the programme; Orna Donath, the sociologist and writer who revolutionised the debate about becoming a mother with her book Regretting Motherhood, tabling an apparently taboo subject, and Brigitte Vasallo, who uses activism to dynamite motherhood and vacate the category of “mother”. 

“Being a mother is something you choose, like being a writer. It’s a privilege. It is neither an obligation nor a fate.” Ursula K. Le Guin, writer and feminist.

Direction, scripwriting: Joana Abrines
Editing: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Duration: 28 minutes | @CCCBaudiovisual | #SoyCámara

Authors: Joana Abrines

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22 December 2017