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Humour and Literature

Chronicles K13

Humour was one of the most successful themes at the 2013 Kosmopolis festival. This video is a chronicle capturing the voices of some of the participants in that edition of the literary festival. Are we losing a sense of humour? What role does humour play in tumultuous times? What is the relationship between literature and humour? With the opinions of Joan Carreras (actor), Josep Cots (Documenta bookshop), Karma Peiró (journalist), Karrie Fransman (comic illustrator), Pablo Barrio (Ganso y Pulpo), Jorge Carrión (writer and critic), Andreu Buenafuente (humourist, journalist and producer), Paul Rainey (comic illustrator), Maria Cardona (mmcardona), Thomas Zandegiacomo (Zebra Poetry Film Festival) and Alicia Scherson (scriptwriter and film director).

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30 April 2013