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Humour in the times of the Internet

Has the Internet has multiplied and diversified humorous formulas as an instrument of social criticism. What makes us laugh? Why and how do we laugh these days? Is humour a tool for coping with times of crisis? We are proposing a list of contents to reflect on humorous forms of expression and creation today, highlighting some of the authors who have been a part of the CCCB to make us think and laugh at the same time.

Kike García and Laura Tabarés

What’s so funny? Memes and weird Internet

The new comedy is designed not just to make people laugh, but to disconcert and cause discomfort. Generation Z, with its mobiles and TikToks, uses a form of humour that is often incomprehensible to older people. What are young people laughing at? When did millennial humour get so absurd? Kike ...

Tom Gauld

The book-lover's cartoonist

The Scottish cartoonist and illustrator, Tom Gauld, presents the book "Baking with Kafka". Gauld reveals the inner workings of his craft based on his cartoons about literature and books which gently send up established writers and the literary canon. He is a contributor to The Guardian, The ...

The Limits of Humour

Soy cámara online

On the occasion of the Spanish premiere at the CCCB of the documentary Laughing to Death (2016), which deals with the topics of freedom of expression, humour and political satire, made by Stelios Kouloglou, the journalist and Euro MP for the Syriza party, the CCCB organised an event (directed by Isaac Monclús) devoted to the links between these topics.

Dolors Boatella and Felipe G. Gil

Meme it Yourself

Where are memes created and where are they going? Internet memes are digital productions which avoid traditional forms of authorship to instead bring the collective, political and interpersonal to the fore. We're going to survey the promiscuous and unclassifiable life of memes and talk about ...

The Laugh of the Medusa

Soy cámara online

What makes women laugh? In a context of eminently phallocentric social, economic and historical discourses, feminist film criticism and films directed by women are political tools to lay claim to another history of the world (and the cinema) from a feminist, liberating, irreverent, fun, disobedient point of view that has lots of room for pleasure.

Isa Calderón i Lucía Lijtmaer

Primera Persona 2017

Isa Calderón and Lucía Lijtmaer are leading figures in cultural journalism and feminist humour in Spain, as they show in this entertaining performance they gave at the 2017 Primera Persona Festival. Shortly after their show in Barcelona, they created “Deforme Semanal”, ...

Dank memes: the reaction to an unliveable Internet

Albert Lloreta

Emerging from the dawn of the first Internet, today dank memes can be understood as an absurd expression that condenses the spirt of our times and as an expression of fury that boycotts the marketing logic of the Internet.


This interdisciplinary collective working at the crossroads of research, design and digital subcultures, presents their most recent research about the bizarre and often awkward ways internet cultures are making politization visible, and how it mutates into something unrecognizable or obscene.

Carlo Padial

A monologue with oddities

A writer, filmmaker and humourist who doesn't mean to be, all Carlo Pardial really wants to be is black (in fact, he considers himself black). He has an entire past (and present, and plenty of future ahead) filled with his own neuroses and hypochondria common to literature and Jewish stand-up, ...

Ignatius Farray

Primera Persona 2015

A high school teacher rechristened Juan Ignacio Delgado Alemany (Tenerife, 1973) Ignatius, in reference to the main character in the novel A Confederacy of Dunces. As Ignatius Farray, he delivers extreme monologues which have nonetheless earned him legions of fans with a style as indebted ...

Interview with Andreu Buenafuente

At the 2013 Kosmopolis festival, the humourist and TV producer Andreu Buenafuente spoke about humour and literature with the writer Juan José Millás. We visited one of Buenafuente's work spaces, the set of El Terrat, to interview him before his appearance at Kosmopolis. ...