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Isa Calderón i Lucía Lijtmaer

Primera Persona 2017

Isa Calderón and Lucía Lijtmaer are leading figures in cultural journalism and feminist humour in Spain, as they show in this entertaining performance they gave at the 2017 Primera Persona Festival. Shortly after their show in Barcelona, they created “Deforme Semanal”, a monthly cultural and political programme in which they analyse current affairs from a critical feminist viewpoint. Isa Calderón is a screenplay writer and film critic, and has become well known thanks to her videos Reviews Fuertecitas. Lucía Lijtmaer is one of the freshest and most lucid columnists in the Spanish press, with a pop yet politicised vision. In 2017 she presented the book Yo también soy una chica lista.

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13 May 2017