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Carles Bosch, Marc Pastor and Serielizados

Colloquium with Carles Bosch, Marc Pastor and Serielizados

Baltimore, 1999. One day, Hae Min Lee disappears from school. Six weeks later, her fellow student and ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed is arrested for her murder. He says that he is innocent, but that he cannot remember what he was doing that afternoon. Journalist Sarah Koenig decides to start investigating this puzzle with so many pieces that do not fit together. SERIAL is radio. Extremely good radio. So good, that it has captivated a country, which week to week is hooked on its podcast. Perhaps the idea is not an original one, because the same thing had already been done by Dickens or Larra, but we had never listened to a documentary in this format.

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22 March 2015