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Journalism and Literature

The challenges of literary journalism in the 21st century

Relations between journalism and literature have been another constant feature of the Kosmopolis festival. From maestros such as Ryszard Kapuscinski, passing through theoreticians of the new new journalism such as Robert Boynton, to consolidated authors of literary journalism such as Amira Hass, John Lee Anderson, Martin Caparrós and David Rieff, and not forgetting leading names from the local sphere such as Carles Capdevila or the mutations of investigative journalism and the new media.

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Kosmopolis 02. The change in the function of literature since the fall of totalitarianism

The opening of Café Europa with a lecture by Ryszard Kapuscinski.

Jon Lee Anderson and Martín Caparrós

Kosmopolis 15. Wars and Hunger J

How do you write about the urgency of a war, the weight of famine, the ins and outs of a dictatorship? How do you make something that is very distant suddenly very close? Sometimes the best journalism happens on the edges; sometimes it is a form of literature. American Jon Lee Anderson and Argentinian Martín Caparrós, two of today’s most clear-sighted chroniclers, discuss a profession that has taken them around the world: its tools, its challenges, its secrets and its limits. ...

Carles Capdevila

Kosmopolis 15. Seven Reasons for Believing in a Great Future for Journalism

The end of monopolies, digital narratives, new tools for research and users’ needs to find filters and referents for avoiding “infoxication”, or information overload, are all urgent opportunities for journalism. Carles Capdevila, editor of Ara newspaper, said: “We ...

Carles Bosch, Marc Pastor and Serielizados

Colloquium with Carles Bosch, Marc Pastor and Serielizados

Baltimore, 1999. One day, Hae Min Lee disappears from school. Six weeks later, her fellow student and ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed is arrested for her murder. He says that he is innocent, but that he cannot remember what he was doing that afternoon. Journalist Sarah Koenig decides to start investigating ...

Robert S. Boynton, Amira Hass and Guillermo Altares

Kosmopolis 08. The New-New Journalism

Since Tom Wolfe published his manifesto "The New Journalism" thirty years ago, a large group of writers has continued to develop North American literary journalism based on investigative reporting. Today, a group of outstanding authors including the likes of Adrian Le-Blanc, Richard Preston ...

David Rieff and Rafael Vilasanjuan

Kosmopolis 08. Humanitarian Crisis

In the early 1990s, while the West was celebrating the fall of communism and of the Soviet empire, the security apparatus that helped to bring all this about began to collapse too. The resolve that avoided the disaster of a nuclear showdown between the two great power blocs was not sufficient ...

Journalism, Literature and New Media

Eva Rexach

What do Jon Lee Anderson and Martin Caparrós have in common with Gay Talese and Truman Capote? Are stories better thanks to data journalism? How can literature transform contemporary facts into pieces of art? Journalism XXI will try to answer these questions.