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Carles Capdevila

Kosmopolis 15. Seven Reasons for Believing in a Great Future for Journalism

The end of monopolies, digital narratives, new tools for research and users’ needs to find filters and referents for avoiding “infoxication”, or information overload, are all urgent opportunities for journalism. Carles Capdevila, editor of Ara newspaper, said: “We have to change, and fast. If we believe in journalism, we have to give up catastrophist discourses and devote ourselves to doing journalism with the same spirit as ever, but adapted to new channels and a horizontal and participative culture; journalism’s best years are coming now. Reinventing it live in the intervening period is tough, but it is also a privilege and a social obligation.” At Kosmopolis, we rediscover why this passionate, well-known journalist trusted in the future of his profession.

Participants: Carles Capdevila

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21 March 2015