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Dan Gillmor and Francis Pisani

Kosmopolis 08. You are the media

Journalism in the 21st century will be much different from that formulated by the large media corporations that have dominated until now. The profession’s future depends both on the content of its information and the extent to which it can establish and stimulate dialogue with readers. Today’s readers are not only processors and receivers; they also emit news, trends and new forms of participation. Nowadays, anyone can launch a blog or discuss issues in chat forums. We are entering the Journalism 2.0 age, the age of participatory journalism. What is at stake is a profound change that affects us all. How do we generate and consume information in the age of the digital society? What is the real influence of these changes on the development of democracy?

Participants: Francis Pisani, Dan Gillmor, Ana Romero

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23 October 2008