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Lisa Appignanesi and Neus Ballús

An audiovisual work created by the writer Lisa Appignanesi and the film director Neus Ballús which is part of the project “A Vocabulary for the Future”. Attention, if you pause to think, is not really all that far from love. What is it to hold someone dear but to be attentive to them, to focus on their needs and wants, to pay them attention? And attention is in short supply in our global networked world, packed with facts and data, and information of various kinds, some reliable, much not at all.

Text and voice: Lisa Appignanesi
Director: Neus Ballús
With: Astou Samb, Alicia Reyero and Nina Gutiérrez
Director of photography: Anna Molins
Camera assistant: Marco González
Production assistant: Eulalia Maluquer
Direct sound: Eduard Peyró
Production assistant: Marina García
Costume design: Pilar Monserrat
Editing: Tomás Longato
Original version: English
Catalan and Spanish translation: La correccional

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16 June 2021