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Moments 2021 at the CCCB

In 2021, we made it to Mars aboard a robotic vehicle; we learned that we aren’t the centre of the world and that we live in symbiosis with other species. Words, science, philosophy and art accompanied us. We forged bonds with the Raval neighbourhood and we looked further afield to share with other people and international institutions our desire to make the CCCB an open, welcoming, inspiring place.

Guillem Anglada, Mariona Badenas, Ignasi Casanova and Miquel Sureda

The landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars

The 18th of February 2022 we lived a world-class scientific happening at the CCCB. The experts Guillem Anglada, Mariona Badenas, Ignasi Casanova and Miquel Sureda commented minute by minute on the risky landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars. They offered information and data to help understand ...

Donna Haraway and Vinciane Despret

Companion Species

Philosophers Donna Haraway and Vinciane Despret will speak about how to construct stories that weave new alliances between humans and the rest of the living species in a planet headed for an uncertain future.

Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer

Messengers from Space

The film director Werner Herzog speaks with the volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer about the third documentary they have made together, Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds, an inquiry into the cultural significance of meteorites, the impact their craters have had on humanity, and everything science has been able to learn about them.

Markus Gabriel and Miquel Seguró

A New Global Ethics

The philosopher Markus Gabriel, who published the book Ética para tiempos oscuros (Moral Progress in Dark Times, Pasado y Presente, 2021), speaks with Miquel Seguró about the role played by philosophy in the situation of global crisis in which we are immersed.

Maggie O’Farrell, Gemma Ruiz Palà, and Begoña Gómez Urzaiz

Forget about Shakespeare

In this session, Maggie O’Farrell, one of the United Kingdom’s most acclaimed writers, speaks with Gemma Ruiz Palà and Begoña Gómez Urzaiz about her immersion in Elizabethan theatre, the misogyny of biographers, and her discovery of the world of natural knowledge to the point of becoming a veritable healer.

Martian Waves. Science, literature, and live radio

Recording of a live podcast

Closing festivities of the "ALIA Mission", an educational project relating popularisation of science with literary and artistic creation, with the conversation of the astrophysicist Fatoumata Kébé with Miquel Sureda, and the recording of a live podcast with the schools and scientists involved. 

"Urban Nature" by Rimini Protokoll

A Unique Theatrical Experiment

Rimini Protokoll is a groundbreaking group of theatre directors who have staged productions all over the world where the audience is always the protagonist and plays a major role. In "Urban Nature" the company reflects on the paradoxes of living and sharing life in the city. A performative ...

Samantha Hudson and Christo Casas

I, meme

The artist Samantha Hudson talks about her experience as a creator of humorous and political content on social media, interviewed by the journalist and anthropologist Christo Casas.

What is “School in residence”?

We speak with the organisers and students taking part in the “School in residence” project, a joint educational programme run by the CCCB and the Miquel Tarradell high complexity institute of the Raval district (Barcelona). Due to the pandemic and the need to expand the space available ...

Journey to Mars: First Stop

Talk and screening

Over a period of three months, five groups of men and women creators, activists, thinkers, and young people who have migrated unaccompanied have formed the crew of a metaphorical mission to Mars in order to reflect upon the experience of the journey itself and the future we have in common. ...


Lisa Appignanesi and Neus Ballús

An audiovisual work created by the writer Lisa Appignanesi and the film director Neus Ballús which is part of the project “A Vocabulary for the Future”. Attention, if you pause to think, is not really all that far from love. What is it to hold someone dear but to be attentive ...

The Roig Revels

A festive tribute on the 75th anniversary of Montserrat Roig birth

Recitals, talks about Roig, a cooking demonstration, a play and stand-up comedy with the participation of Txell Bonet, Xavier Antich, David Fernàndez, Aina Torres, Meritxell Gené, Oye Sherman, Carla Rovira, Pilar Aymerich, Ada Parellada, Andrea Artero, Carles Gilabert and Betsabé Garcia. Second part of the homage to the writer Montserrat Roig on the 75th anniversary of her birth. 

Primera Persona 2021

Last edition. “Scars” special

This last function brings together stand-up comedians, punk-rockers, illustrators and novelists around a single concept: scars, both physical and symbolic. Each artiste contributes their personal vision and unique approach and experience, as has become traditional at this event. Taking part ...