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What is “School in residence”?

We speak with the organisers and students taking part in the “School in residence” project, a joint educational programme run by the CCCB and the Miquel Tarradell high complexity institute of the Raval district (Barcelona). Due to the pandemic and the need to expand the space available at primary and secondary schools, 50 year-10 students come to the CCCB three days a week. There they get a first-hand look at the centre from the inside and take part in talks, workshops and creative and thought-based projects with their teachers, the centre’s staff and the network of CCCB associates who create, research and produce culture. This video by the Quepo production company was recorded during the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year. The students covered topics like memory, the body and differences through the exhibition “William Kentridge. That Which Is Not Drawn”.

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17 February 2021